Single Contact Point

Single Contact Point

Efficiently reach hundreds of media outlets

Think of us like a system of pulleys and gears that can multiply your investment and effort countless times over.

You relay your campaign instructions to our team and we do the heavy lifting: media research & recommendations, artwork translation, graphic re-sizing, ad proofing, copy-editing, file tracking, and tearsheet/ proofs collection.

Marketing to multicultural communities, while lucrative, requires considerable time investment and knowledge. It is double hard to attain the latter when you don’t speak the language of the community – Chinese, Tagalog, Korean, Punjabi, etc – your target audience speaks.

We reduce your admin and marketing overhead, as well as bring your message to market faster and more effectively. We have done the research in these markets and know the vendors. Packages have been negotiated for fast turn-key execution. These group discounts get passed on as savings to you.

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