Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Sunflower Media is a bridge to the multicultural markets.

We work with both ad agencies and companies alike.

Multicultural markets are growing rapidly. They are lucrative ground for brand growth but they are also nuanced and diverse.

For those unfamiliar with these markets, they are not easy to navigate.

Sunflower Media serves as a single point of contact for multicultural marketing – whether you are focusing on one community in a particular regional market or planning a national campaign across multiple ethnic communities.

We can provide media recommendations or book media on your behalf. Our services include media buying, translation, graphic design, copy-editing, account administration, tearsheet collection and more. Our services save you time and money, while giving you access to negotiated wholesales rates.

With over 15 years of experience in the Canadian and US market, we can execute campaigns across media platforms from print and radio to digital and TV. We also work with all multicultural communities: from Chinese & Indian to Filipino & Latino, and other communities.

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