Multicultural Digital Marketing

Multicultural Digital Marketing


Non-English digital campaigns – whether programmatic or social media based – typically yield greater engagement than those in English.

Sunflower Media specialises in multicultural programmatic advertising, or the automated buying and selling of online advertising that targets a number of language/ cultural markets: Punjabi, Hindi, Chinese, Tagalog, Arabic, Korean, Persian, and more.  Our ad tech infrastructure supports a wide variety of creative tags. We can also facilitate private marketplace placements depending on your campaign needs.

Our team also executes campaigns across various other platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, GDN, AdWords, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We also execute on ethnically specific networks such as WeChat, Weibo, and Baidu.

Using in-house research, a variety of demographic indicators, page subscriptions, language, and cultural tags, our team has refined a series of techniques to define and engage with ethnic audiences on social platforms.

Our digital campaigns include programmatic execution, copy-writing & translation, graphic design, captioning / video-editing, audience targeting, conversion tracking, and analytics/ reporting.

Campaigns are optimised for all devices including mobile.

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