Multicultural Campaigns

Multicultural Campaigns

We provision and plan multicultural advertising campaigns.

Our ethnic marketing services include media buying to translation/ copy-writing, digital execution, reporting & metrics, and more.

For over 10 years, our team has connected North America’s largest brands to consumers in rapidly growing immigrant markets. We work across all media platforms: print, radio, web, TV and we understand the cultural sensitivities of these markets.

Sunflower Media maintains an up-to-date media database for ethnic media outlets, influencers, social channels, websites, podcasts, and more – there are thousands in North America and across various languages. This current information is vital to maximising your ROAS, whether you are booking Chinse print in Vancouver or Punjabi programmatic in Toronto.

Diversity within diversity

Ethnic markets are not homogeneous.

There is as much difference within the South Asian diaspora, for example, as there is between the South Asian and Chinese communities. Ethnic markets also pose the challenge of understanding their political and religious sensitivities. A great tagline in English may be confusing in another language.

We fill in the gaps. Our services range from ethnic media buying to strategy to execution & reporting, thus saving you time, money, and costly errors.

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