Chinese Media Packages

Chinese Media Packages

There are over 2 million people of Chinese background living in Canada and over 4 million living in the US.

People from Asian or Hispanic backgrounds are the top demographics for new arrivals to the US.

Today there are 2.6 million people aged 5 or older who speak Chinese at home. Over half of Chinese-Americans live in either the states of California or New York. In Canada, the largest concentrations are in British Columbia, Ontario, and then Alberta.

Median household income as of 2010 for Chinese households as $65,050 – 30% higher than the average American household.

In larger centres like Toronto, Vancouver, and New Jersey, the difference in income per Chinese household from the rest of the population is even greater.

We assist clients market their products and services to Chinese (Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Southeast Asian Diasporic) markets in cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary and in the US for cities like New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Washington DC and other markets.

There are equivalent packages for US cities (New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Washington DC and other markets).

Campaign bookings can be focussed on single media platforms or multiple (print, digital, TV, and radio).

Our team provides one-stop media buying, translation (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese) as well as artwork/ creative adjustment, translation and re-sizing services. All you need to provide is the campaign parameters and we do the rest from A to Z.

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