July 23, 2015

Background: The BC Dairy Foundation is dedicated to increasing consumption of milk in BC and delivering innovative nutrition education programs to British Columbia consumers.
This includes supporting BC dairy producers with programs and initiatives to promote a vibrant and sustainable industry that supplies the best quality milk to consumers.

The Work: South Asians are the largest per capita consumers of milk in BC and in Canada.
A significant percentage of consumers from…

July 23, 2015

Background: ‘Natural Since Always’, eggs hold an esteemed place in the Western diet.
The eggs produced by the farmers of British Columbia are done so to the highest of health standards.

BC Egg Marketing Board’s mission is to educate all citizens in the province about the nutritional value of this essential staple.

Our Work: We organised an ethnic market campaign – Chinese and South Asian – for the Egg Marketing Board. Working…

July 22, 2015

Background: Consumer Protection BC promotes a fair marketplace for consumers and businesses.
The not-for-profit corporation was founded in 2004, its mission being to strengthen consumer protection in BC.
Based on a cost recovery model, Consumer Protection BC is the only organization of its kind in Canada.

The Work: Our team has worked on a variety of projects with Consumer Protection BC, in each case assisting with its mission in BC’s ethnic communities…

July 22, 2015
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Background: OPSEU is one of Canada’s largest unions, representing 130,000 of Ontario’s government employees. The job base supported by the union is as diverse as its membership, with employees from numerous industrial sectors: healthcare, education, government, and retail.

The Work: Unions are often at the forefront of social activism and change in our society and OPSEU is a leader in this movement.

This past year, OPSEU extended its community outreach through its first…

July 20, 2015

Background: Canada has a shortage of skilled workers. Yet the country has tens of thousands of immigrants with professional training working as over-qualified cab drivers, security guards, and fast food workers.

Engineers Canada is the national organization that regulates the engineering profession and licenses the country’s 280,000 members of the engineering profession.

The organisation administers a unique program to allow under-utilised professionals to attain engineering accreditation through a series of examinations.


June 26, 2015
  • Comments Off on Industry Training Authority of BC (ITABC)

Background: The province of British Columbia is currently experiencing a shortages of skilled labour and is projected to do so for the next decade.
Filling this gap is Canadian immigrants.
The Industry Training Authority (ITABC) leads and coordinates British Columbia’s skilled trades system.
ITABC works with employers, and employees to manage apprenticeships, set program standards, and increase opportunities in the trades.

The Work: Our team executed a multicultural outreach campaign to spread awareness…

June 25, 2015
Background: This award-winning series features stories on members of some of Canada’s largest unions.
These first person narratives of current members articulate the benefits of working in unionised workplaces. Members covers issues ranging from job security to family benefits, work safety to community activism.
Through participation in their unions, Canadian workers are able to foster safer and more productive work environments. Participating unions include: British Columbia Government Employees Union (BCGEU),…

June 25, 2015

Background: The annual Adams River Salmon Run has been taking place before the First Peoples arrived in the Thompson Shushwap region of British Columbia. Every four year there is a ‘dominant’ salmon run – these are truly awe-inspiring as millions of sockeye return to the place of their birth where they spawn a new generation and then die.
These mature salmon have navigated thousands of kilometres through the Pacific Ocean…

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